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Finnish Semolina Porridge and Blueberry Soup (Mannapuuro ja Mustikkakeitto) recipe

Finnish Semolina Porridge and Blueberry Soup (Mannapuuro ja Mustikkakeitto) recipe - Feels like Finland

The creamy semolina porridge with cold blueberry soup is the best food for a hot day! You can enjoy them both straight from the fridge, perfect!

This classic, tasty Finnish dish can be eaten all day, as a snack, light lunch, dessert or breakfast.

Finnish semolina porridge is simple and easy to make. Only thing to look after is to make sure that the porridge does not burn while simmering, so it needs to be stirred occasionally.

This Blueberry soup is not to be mixed with Blueberry Kissel ("Kiisseli" in Finnish). Finnish Kiisseli otherwise similar but is a lot thicker and strechy, and eaten as a main dessert, possibly with some whipped cream on top for festive occasions.

Kiisseli and berry soups are made with various berries. So you can make them e.g. with strawberries, raspberries, or even combine berries if you wish.

You can even use your favorite juice instead of berries and it will taste good (I tested!)

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